Shipping methods will only deliver orders in Spain, Islands, Europe and the USA. -Spain and Islands: The delivery time is 3 to 10 business days from the date of receipt of the order. -Europe Close: The delivery time extends up to 30 business days. Orders in which the payment is received between 00:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. will be sent the next business day. On the contrary, the package will be processed and sent two business days following. Orders will be sent directly from through its logistics operators.

The calculation of shipping costs occurs dynamically depending on the products you have in your shopping cart. In the case of not having a person responsible for receiving the package at the indicated delivery address, a notice will be left with a telephone number to call to confirm when they can deliver the merchandise. The transport agency will keep your package in its warehouses approximately 7/15 days before proceeding to the return to our facilities. If you do not receive your purchase in the estimated time, you should contact the Customer Service of You can write to or call 635341913. From the moment we have your notification we will take the necessary steps to find out why you have not received it within the agreed time.

Defective products

All bases are inspected before leaving the warehouse and subsequent shipment. Each base is individually packaged and protected to minimize possible damage that may occur during transportation.

The following will be considered defective products:

Ladacas DM Bases in Black that suffer bites and bumps.

Pedestal type bases whose base has detached from the main block.

Bases that have significant dents or deformations in the structure.

The following will not be considered defective products:

Stained natural wood bases (tobacco, cherry, black and green series) and have different shades along the base. They are made of natural English cypress wood and the level of absorption of the dyes is different on the plane. They may have small grooves or points inherent in the wood.

Olive tree bases that contain microfragments or breaks that do not affect the integrity of the base. It is a natural wood and therefore there may be imperfections in the wood.

Stained bases that do not conform to the desired shade. They are natural woods and the shades may vary.


If you find any defective product in the received order, you should contact or call 621360683 You can return the merchandise to us provided that you communicate your intention within a week after receiving the order and as long as you keep your packaging in optimum condition. To do this you must contact us at, call 621360683 or you can also use our contact section. Whenever the return responds to defects of the product, assumes the shipping costs caused by the return. You can replace it or replace it with other items. If the reasons for the return are unrelated to, that is, if the merchandise is in perfect condition but you still want to return it, you must send the product in its original packaging and in perfect condition. The expenses incurred in the return, will NOT be borne by

IMPORTANT Information to Returns

In the event that the merchandise arrives broken and it is clearly due to transport effects, in order to be able to resend the damaged products at the expense of, it is necessary to present:

  • Photo of the damaged merchandise in its entirety: the photo must show the damage in its entirety and not just a detail. If the damage is not noticeable in a general shot, it will be necessary to add one more image of the item where it is shown. In the event that more than one damaged item is found, take the photo by grouping all the items into a single image.

  • Photo of the outer packaging, including the transport company's label: the photo must show that the shipment has been made with the transport company and that the claim corresponds to the contracted shipment. We request that the photo be taken from a certain distance where the shipping label is visible.

  • Photo of the merchandise with inner packaging: the photo must show that the packaging used has protected the content during transport. We request a picture of the damaged merchandise placed inside the packaging, as it originally arrived at the recipient.